Message from the Executive Director

Dear Partners, 

I am honored and excited to share information about Meg’s House and our mission. This is an incredible opportunity that speaks to my passion, skillset, and belief; that all individuals deserve to live a life free from domestic violence and homelessness and have equitable access and opportunities to succeed. 

I am honored to lead an organization that is committed to this shared belief.  For the last 32 years, Meg’s House has helped those experiencing domestic violence lead a healthier life free of domestic violence.  As you may know, our mission is to respond to the needs of those experiencing domestic violence and chronic homelessness in the communities in which we serve. Meg’s House is a highly respected organization led by driven and dedicated staff members that produce results and change lives. And I am thrilled to have the support of our Board Chair, Phil Zigos, and the Board of Directors as I lead this esteemed organization through an exciting new chapter with all of you. 

Driven by my passion to help those experiencing domestic violence and chronic homelessness, I am eager to build upon the momentum and strategic plan that Meg’s House has created over the last couple of years. As Executive Director, I promise to keep you informed of our progress and growth as we work toward achieving our board’s strategic priorities — To strengthen the board’s capacity to effectively govern the organization, To elevate the community’s awareness about all services provided by Meg’s House and the impact of domestic violence and chronic homelessness on the communities served, To increase a diversified unrestricted funding base by 10% that is sustainable and supports operations within three years, and To strengthen Meg’s House Programs and Services.     

Our vision is that every individual is loved and valued, giving them the strength and security, they need to flee domestic violence and obtain a stable home. To achieve this, it is imperative that we work collectively as a community to amplify and support those experiencing domestic violence and chronic homelessness. Additionally, we have launched a Prevention Program aimed at providing our youth with information that will be a strong foundation for our students and their families to be successful and free of domestic violence. We are very proud of these students and look forward to continuing working with them side by side to create meaningful change. 

I look forward to discussing the vision I have for Meg’s House and how important it is for all of us to assist in impacting the lives of those experiencing domestic violence and chronic homelessness. I believe in this community, and I believe in all our collective partnerships combined to create sustainable change. Join me in advancing our mission! 

Alice Hodges, PhD
Executive Director Meg’s House